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YIRCoF '11 is a conference in the field of Foresight & Future Studies, to be organised in Istanbul, August 24th-26th, 2011.


Conference's Topic

The organizers describe the conference's topic in the following way:

A review of journals in the field(s) of Foresight and Futures Studies point to a tension in the relationship between Foresight and Futures theory and practice. Whether to treat "Foresight studies" and "Futures studies" as two different fields, or to treat them as one field and write "Foresight and Futures Studies" is probably a matter of debate among the researchers.

The Foresight and Futures Studies field has been criticised by some for the inadequacy of its theory. There is debate on whether the field has progressed beyond an exploratory stage to a point where there is a core set of basic terminology and models, and on whether more emphasis should be given on developing and employing a set of reliable, valid and reproducible methods for conducting research in the field of Foresight and Futures Studies.

Interested individuals from academic (economics, management, political science, engineering) and business worlds are invited to come together to discuss and communicate on challenging problems related to THEORY BUILDING in FORESIGHT and FUTURES STUDIES within the historic and mystic environment of Istanbul.

Plenary Speakers & Invited Sessions

Plenary Speakers

  • Z. Sardar, Editor, FUTURES
  • S. Inayatullah, Tamkang University (via SKYPE, tbc)
  • M. Aaltonen, Helsinki University of Technology

Special Invited Sessions

Several "invited sessions" on topics of interest for the Foresight & Future Studies Community (or Communities) are to be organized:

  • Wendy L. Schultz Narrative, Story telling, Complexity and Images of Future
  • Karl-Heinz Leitner Impact of Foresight Projects
  • Riel Miller Ontology of Anticipatory Systemes
  • Alper Alsan Foresight and Industry
  • Senem Göl Beşer Youth Foresight
  • Özcan Sarıtaş Systemic Foresight

Systemic Foresight


Executive Committee

  • M. Atilla Öner Yeditepe University Conference Co-Chair
  • Özcan Sarıtaş University of Manchester Conference Co-Chair
  • Senem Göl Beşer Yeditepe University Vice Chair - Academic Programme
  • Fatih Karaca Yeditepe University Vice Chair - Business Programme
  • Alper Alsan Siemens Turkey Chair - Corporate Relations Committee
  • Jack Smith Telfer Business School Canada
  • Jay E. Gary School of Blobal Leadreship and Entrepreneurship USA
  • Alexander Sokolov Higher School of Economics Russia
  • Nares Damrongchai APEC Centre for Technology Foresight Thailand
  • Fernando Ortega National Science, Technology and Innovation Council Peru
  • Nik Ahmad Faizuk AbdMalek Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology
  • Geci Karuri-Sabina Foresight for Development South Africa

Academic Programme Committee

  • Tuğrul Daim Portland State University, USA
  • Senem Göl Beşer Yeditepe University, Turkey, Chair
  • Olli-Pekka Hilmola Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
  • Robert H. Samet Institution of Civil Engineers, USA
  • Özcan Sarıtaş University of Manchester, UK
  • Wendy L. Schultz Infinite Futures, USA
  • Tony Stevenson World Futures Studies Federation, USA
  • Bruce E. Tonn University of Tennessee, USA
  • Heiko von der Gracht Center for Futures Studies and Knowledge Management, Germany

External Links

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